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6th Photography contest - „ Musicarenje.net 2018’’ „Best photo of season 2017“


6th Photography contest - „Musicarenje.net 2018’’

„Best photo of season 2017“



 From the januar 2018. on web portal and Musicarenje.net
was organized a Photography Contest –
„ Musicarenje.net 2018“ - „Best photo of the season 2017.
Rainbow Connection

22 the contestants take part in this contest (members of the most popular and largest Fly Fishing Board from the Balkans regia). We had 101.photos competitors from Bosnia, Mecedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia. They received the appropriate awards, which are saved for the winners sponsors of this wonderful competition (prizes in equipment and fly fishing destinations in Montenegro, then, the prize for the first place won is the work of New York painter Rosy Oldenburg called "Rainbow Connection", and awards will be given to the best company Dohiku from Slovakia. While the second-placed third-place winner will receive the "Eurofish" award from Cacak
At the end of this enjoyment in beautiful photos with flyfishing motives, it was eventually evaluated by a four-member jury who made art painters Rosi Oldenburg, New York USA, Roland Mirko from Croatia, lives in Kazakhstan, Bojan Nikolic, a photographer from Belgrade and a distinguished prof. Rudolf Grgic from Belgrade, selected the best choose three of them.



1. UROŠ KRISTAN – Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. LUKA DIMITRIJEVIĆ – Valjevo, Serbia

3. ALEKSANDAR GAŠEVIĆ - Podgorica, Montenegro
Other competitors :

Thanks to all contestants,sponsors and winners.

We suggest that you upload your best flyfishing - photos in the year 2018. on board www.musicarenje.net/ forum what is the only condition to participate in the next years contest. You an do it on our Facebook profile, too, just with indication for „Photo Contest Musicarenje.net 2019., but only if you are already a member of the forum.


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